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Dr. Cassie DeVries

I am a chiropractor and a Frederick County MD native! I currently practice chiropractic with physical therapy benefits at: 604 Solarex Ct #101 Frederick, MD 21703 (aka Ballenger Creek Chiropractic). In my Frederick office, I use the newest technologies and the latest research, in combination with my hospital based chiropractic training, to provide you with affordable, safe, and effective treatment options. Prescription medications and surgery can be unavoidable and even beneficial at times, but should be sought only when conservative care (chiropractic, physical therapy, dry needling, etc.) is deemed ineffective. It is my goal to provide my Frederick family and surrounding areas (Walkersville, Urbana, Thurmont, New Market, Ijamsville, Middletown etc.) with the best, individualized chiropractic services and the motivation to live a healthy, pain free life!

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604 Solarex Ct. #101

Frederick, MD 21703

(301) 228-0988


Monday: 9:45a-1:00p, 2:45p-7:00p
Tuesday: 2:00p-7:00p
Wednesday: 9:45a-11:30a, 2:45p-7:00p
Thursday: 9:45a-1:00p, 2:45p-7:00p
Friday-Sunday: Special appointment only

Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Many people are aware that chiropractic care can help with headaches and neck pain, low back pain, and sciatica, but few people realize the list of problems we can treat. In addition to back and neck pain, chiropractors can treat cervicogenic vertigo, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), disc herniations, extremity pains (hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, etc!), pregnancy pain, pediatric issues, and much more, all without the use of harmful medications or expensive surgeries. We are safe enough to treat people of all ages, including new born babies (pediatric chiropractic) and the elderly population. What’s best, I focus on fixing the underlying cause of the pain/problem area, not just covering up the symptoms. So whether the cause of your pain is from ergonomic or stress issues at work (or during recreation!), a car accident, pregnancy, or a recent injury, I will work towards resolving it.

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Why Choose Us

Safe, Effective, Individualized Care

Everyone is different- so why would we treat everyone the same? We offer a wide variety of therapies, modalities, and adjustive techniques to meet the needs of each patient. We proudly DO NOT require x-rays before treatment, but order them when necessary. Please refer to the “Services We Offer” under the “Our Office” tab for the details!

Accept Most Major Insurances

We currently accept most major insurances, and we take care of the billing and paperwork so you don’t have to! Call or email today to check your coverage!


We gladly welcome walk-ins and offer same day care. Unlike some offices, we also treat you on your first appointment (provided there are no contraindications to chiropractic care, of course)! We also have evening hours to accommodate for typical work schedules and commuters.


Money should NEVER be a barrier to receiving the care you need. Chiropractic care is likely more affordable than you would think, but under certain circumstances of hardship, we will consider offering individualized financial agreements.

Cutting Edge Technology

From the class 4 60 Watt heat laser to our computerized adjusting, we offer the newest that technology and research has to offer! We will always offer the traditional “tried and true” chiropractic methods as well, for our patients who don’t appreciate change as much as we do

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Feb 12, 2015

I came to Cassie during my second pregnancy for back pain and sciatica pain. She was able to treat...

Feb 06, 2015

As a chiropractor myself, when I need an adjustment and treatment, Dr. Cassie is who I see. She’s a...

Feb 06, 2015

Dr. Cassie is a very caring and attentive physician. She was able to significantly help my lower back problems!...

Feb 06, 2015

Dr. Cassie is super knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. She made what otherwise could have seemed...

Feb 06, 2015

I was treated by Dr. Cassie for nagging headaches. She provided a thorough history and examination to find what...

Feb 06, 2015

I have been treated by Dr. Cassie a few times during my swimming career. She helped me before and...

Feb 06, 2015

I am a regular patient of Dr. Cassie, I go to see her at least once a week. I...

Feb 06, 2015

I had been experiencing severe lower back and leg pain for months. It was so bad, the pain would...

Feb 06, 2015

I have known Dr. Cassie for a while now and she has gone above and beyond to help everyone... 05, 2015

Dr. Cassie is hands down one of the best services I’ve experienced. I recently pulled a muscle in my...

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