Stretching, Massage and Chiropractor at Mission 10 Miler in Frederick

Complimentary Stretching, Massage, and Chiropractor at Mission 10 Miler in  Frederick, MD

On Sunday March 29, 2015, the Frederick Rescue Mission teamed up with Dan Ryan Builders and hosted the 4th annual Mission 10 Miler at the Frederick Keys Stadium.


Last year I volunteered with the event, and served as the chiropractor at Mission 10 Miler,  offering a post-race recovery area.  The idea of post-race recovery was such a hit, that, I couldn’t physically meet the demands of the racers all by myself.  This year, I made sure I was better prepared…


In the Race Recovery Station we had “Stretchy Jay” Simon, a fascial stretch therapist (or flexibility therapist), Caitlin Thomas Smith, a massage therapist at Caitlin Thomas Massage Therapy, and myself (Dr. Cassie- chiropractor) to meet the needs of the race participants.  Though there were over 1,000 runners, I believe we were able to provide relief to everyone who came to see us.


It was an awesome event, and I believe Caitlin, Jay, and myself are all really looking forward to helping out at the 2016 Mission 10 Miler in Frederick!

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