Frederick MD chiropractor, massage therapist, and flexibility therapist treat at tournament in Urbana, MD

Massage Therapist, Flexibility Therapist, and Frederick MD Chiropractor team up to help Urbana baseball teams

On May 9, 2015, Frederick MD Chiropractor Dr. Cassie Dougherty joined forces with Caitlin Thomas Massage Therapy and Jay Simon, fascial stretch therapist, to provide treatment at a baseball tournament at Urbana District Park in Urbana, MD.

While at the baseball tournament, Dr. Cassie, Caitlin, and Jay treated a variety of athletes and complaints, from general stiffness, tight muscles, and trigger points, to baseball injuries incurred on the field.  They used a variety of treatment options including kinesiology taping, massage, and fascial stretch therapy. They accepted donations for their services, which were then donated to the 12 Urbana Hawks to fund their trip to Cooperstown, NY!

Caitlin Thomas massage demo

donation bin

flexibility demonstration

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