Article on Kinesiology Tape Published in Frederick Be Well Magazine!

Before reading this article you must know:  I was not always a fan of kinesiology tape.  I didn’t understand how applying stretchy kinesiology tape to skin could actually have any real benefit to the underlying muscles, and I really didn’t understand how it could help people in pain.  I thought every positive thing I heard about kinesiology tape was attributed to the placebo effect.  I tend to be pretty skeptical.

Thankfully, my preconceived ideas about kinesiology tape were challenged when I practiced at a clinic that specializes in treating athletes.  Every single day, I witnessed the various benefits of applying kinesiology tape, and eventually started doing research to understand how it works.  Needless to say, I came across some exciting research and evidence of the benefits of kinesiology tape, and now use taping in my practice.  Recently, I even wrote an article for the Be Well magazine to share the benefits of kinesiology taping.

To learn more about how kinesiology tape can help, click on the following link:

Kinesiology Taping: unwrapping a mystery 
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