On this page you will find all of my favorite things.  They may be services people offer, products you can buy, activities you can do, or just random things I like.  If you aren't familiar with some of these things, I hope you get a chance to experience them at some point!

Birthday Cake

I can’t ever get enough birthday cake!  I will buy myself whole birthday cakes and eat them, even when it’s not my birthday.  I think about cake every single day, and I always look forward to other people’s birthdays… just because I know there is a chance I might eat some cake!

Jump roping

With such a passion for birthday cake, it’s a good thing I also enjoy jumping rope!

Prowler pushing

The prowler is a torture device designed to make every muscle in your body scream.  You can push it, pull it, drag it, sprint with it… the possibilities are endless.  I had mine designed by a man named Ken Marsh who lives in Dillsburg, PA.  He builds/welds amazing strength and strongman equipment!

strongman training

Though I don’t compete anymore, I had so much fun doing strongman training… nothing like pulling trucks and walking around with hundreds of pounds in your hands!


I can’t express how much I love these shoes.  I have many factory colors, and I custom make some as well.  If you see me boppin’ around Frederick, I will likely have a pair of these bad boys on!


There’s nothing more amazing than experiencing new things and exploring the beautiful world that God created.  I’m always up for an adventure!


Whether it be at my home in Frederick or while in school in New York, I have always had a passion for “functional growing” (ie growing things that serve a purpose).  It’s so satisfying, therapeutic, and enriching to eat food you’ve grown yourself!


I got my first bow while on a trip with some of the wounded warriors from Walter Reed in 2013.  I have been in love with my bow ever since (though I don’t shoot it nearly enough)!

Flaxie Packs!

Flaxie Packs have not only helped me manage my Raynaud’s disease, but they’ve made this winter warm, cozy, comfortable, and (dare I say) enjoyable.  The only thing I regret is not getting a Flaxie Pack sooner!

frogs and toads

Not much to explain here… I like to catch toads and frogs.  And I will spend hours letting them sit on my hands.

Momma Bish

I absolutely love this woman, her style, attitude, genuine sass and wit… oh, and her blog.  She hilariously narrates her day-to-day struggles of being a mom and raising a family, and she’s not afraid to tell you how she really feels about it!  Please check here out here!