Drop Table Technique and Pelvic Blocking

Drop Table Technique

Drop table technique is a special adjusting technique we use in our Frederick office where pieces of the table are propped up, and then quickly dropped (less than a 2 inches) when pressure is applied to the table.  This helps to quickly get motion within a joint.  Drop table technique works great for people who tend to tense up with before a manual (hand) adjustment.  Our office in Frederick specifically utilizes a lumbar (lower back) drop piece.

Pelvic Blocking

Pelvic blocking is a technique we use in our Frederick office for people who have alignment issues of the pelvis.  We use wedges to correct rotational issues in the pelvis that can result from  trauma, injury, and everyday life.  If you think of the pelvis like a circle/ring, you can easily see how a rotational issue on one side will cause compensation on the other side.  Putting the pelvis on blocks (Pelvic blocking) for a given duration (anywhere from 5-20 minutes) lets the pelvis settle back into the position it should be and helps correct the dysfunction.