Class 4 Hot Laser and Cold Laser

Our office in Frederick is currently the only chiropractic office in Frederick offering a class 4 hot laser.  We are proud to offer such safe, cutting edge technology to help you heal faster and feel better.  Our class 4 hot laser is made by K-Laser, and we encourage you to visit their website to watch their videos and learn more about it!  We also have a cold laser too, but we typically only use it when people request it specifically.

What is it?

The class 4 hot laser uses varying light waves (970nm and 800nm) to increase circulation and stimulate underlying tissues and cells to promote healing, increase oxygenation to tissues, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain.  Additionally, when there is greater blood flow and oxygenation to an area, waste product exchange is greater.  This means all of the lactic acid, inflammation, and pain chemicals are able to be “flushed out” better.

How is it different from the cold laser?

The main difference between the hot and cold laser is the depth of penetration.  The cold laser can penetrate the tissues 1-2 milimeters, which is less than 1/12 of an inch.  It i s great for superficial problems such as skin injuries, superficial wounds, and maybe very superficial joints (fingers, elbow).

The class 4 hot laser can penetrate much deeper into the tissues, allowing healing of deeper injuries (back pain, hip pain, knee and shoulder pain, etc.).  The heat laser also gives a relaxing warming sensation to the area being treated, whereas the cold laser does not.

Who can the heat laser help?

The class 4 hot laser can help a variety of people and conditions here in Frederick.  It works great on chronic issues such as arthritis, back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, etc.  It also helps overuse injuries like tennis and golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel.  Additionally, the heat laser works great on acute injuries such as a sprain/strain, whiplash and car accident injuries, knee pain, and shoulder pain.