Pin and Stretch Muscle Release

What is pin and stretch?

Pin and stretch muscle release is an active muscle stretching protocol that we use in our Frederick office. It helps break up scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles that result from injuries and years of overuse. Your chiropractor (me!) will pin part of the muscle down while in a shortened state, and then the patient (you!) actively lengths the muscle while it is still pinned down. It is like a combination of of trigger point therapy and stretching.


How does it work?

Applying focused pressure to adhesions and scars while the muscles are moving helps break up the scar tissue. Releasing the scars and tight tissues allow for better circulation and function to the muscles in that area, and will allow for a greater range of motion.

who can it help?

Pin and stretch can help anyone with tight muscles from overuse, athletes, post-surgical patients, people recovering from injuries, nerve entrapments, and many other conditions.


How is it different from stretching?

Pin and Stretch is different from traditional stretching in that it focuses on the specific areas of scar tissue and adhesion formation. Traditional stretching is not going to address the restrictions formed by scar tissue, and thus, will be ineffective at restoring blood flow and total range of motion.