Pro Adjuster Computerized Adjustment

What is the Pro Adjuster?

The Pro Adjuster, also known as computerized adjusting, is a more gentle way of adjusting.  It is common for people to have spinal “joint dysfunction,” which basically means the joints in the back are not moving enough in a given direction.  The pro adjuster can sense the restriction and resistance in the joint, and then uses a gentle tapping device to push motion into the joints.  Some places in the spine may only require 10-20 quick taps, while other places may require one hundreds or more taps.  In general, the more resistance there is in a joint, the more tapping the pro adjuster will have to do. The pro adjuster is painless and safe for children and adults of all ages.    Our office in Frederick is the only office in the area (including Middletown, Thurmont, Urbana, Walkersville, and New Market) to have this technology.  The Pro Adjuster is great for people who are nervous about a traditional adjustment (with the hands), or who don’t like the “cracking” or “popping” noises.  If you have ever tried an “activator” before, it is similar- just a newer, more versatile, more technological version.

Is the Pro Adjuster used on everyone?

Absolutely not.  There is not one thing in our office that is a “one size fits all” treatment.  Every person is different, so every person gets a different approach and treatment plan.  Some people love the pro adjuster, while others feel it is too gentle.  Some people are very sensitive to touch and treatment, so they don’t necessarily need the forces and speed that are requires for joint popping/cracking. The pro adjuster allows us to include people who are hesitant about chiropractic, who may have had a “bad” experience, or do not like traditional hand adjustments, so this allows us to treat a wider variety of people.