Dr. Cassie is thankful for her patients and for their positive feedback. She will continue to work to make the healthcare system a more effective and efficient place, so that everyone receives the individualized, quality care that they deserve!

Dr. Cassie is a very knowledgeable and caring provider. Knowing first hand her work ethic and compassion for helping people, there is no one else I would want treating my pain. She has a wide variety of tools and techniques that she is able to use to tailor the best treatment for your ailments.

-Will M. of British Columbia, Canada

I have known Dr. Cassie for a while now and she has gone above and beyond to help everyone I know. She has a variety of different techniques to treat just about any condition, and I would have no problem recommending her to my family and friends. Thanks Dr. Cassie for all that you do. Frederick is a better town because of it.

-Eric S. of Sterling, VA

Dr. Cassie is hands down one of the best services I’ve experienced. I recently pulled a muscle in my back while playing volleyball and I was able to go into her office and get the treatment I needed in a great amount of time. The next day, I had little to no pain in the area that was hurting! This is definitely a great doctor that gives her patients great care!

-Katherine J. of Frederick MD

I had been experiencing severe lower back and leg pain for months. It was so bad, the pain would sometimes keep me awake at night. I went to visit Dr. Cassie and after about 4 treatments the pain was gone. It has been 2 months now and I am still pain free.  Dr. Cassie took time and tried various things until we found the problem. She also suggested ways to improve my posture and gave me exercises to do to increase my core body strength.  I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Cassie today!

-Beth J. of Frederick, MD

I have been treated by Dr. Cassie a few times during my swimming career. She helped me before and after meets. She always took her time and I never felt like she was in a rush to get me out of the office. She gave me exercises and stretches to do at home so I did not have to keep coming back all the time for treatments. Her adjusting was very comfortable and I feel great every time I leave her office. I highly recommend Dr. Cassie!

-Michael D. of Cleveland, OH

I am a regular patient of Dr. Cassie, I go to see her at least once a week. I suffer from lower back pain and ever since I have started going to see Dr. Cassie regularly my pain has decreased significantly! I have gone to other chiropractors but they never really did the trick. I highly recommend Dr. Cassie not only is her work great but her friendly attitude and glowing positivity also makes for a great visit!

-Maranda K. of Frederick, MD

As a chiropractor myself, when I need an adjustment and treatment, Dr. Cassie is who I see. She’s a skilled practitioner and I’d suggest her to anyone in seek of comfortable, and effective care.

-Dr. Derrik M. of Frederick, MD

Dr. Cassie is a very caring and attentive physician. She was able to significantly help my lower back problems! As a physician myself I found it very refreshing that she was not rushed and very thorough with her examination and treatment! If you are in pain do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment.

-Dr. James E. of Boston, MA

I was treated by Dr. Cassie for nagging headaches. She provided a thorough history and examination to find what was causing them. Her soft tissue techniques and comfortable adjustments improved my symptoms immensely. I walk out of her office feeling great.

-Warren C. of Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Cassie is super knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. She made what otherwise could have seemed like a kind of unsettling experience fun and easy. She was able to help my specific areas that needed it, and I’ve left feeling so much better each time I’ve seen her. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for a great chiropractor!

-Chris L. of Frederick, MD

I came to Dr. Cassie during my second pregnancy for back pain and sciatica pain. She was able to treat my pain with adjustments, KT taping and suggesting a belly support to help me along the pregnancy. Her adjustment techniques significantly relieved my pain. She always listened, took her time and had a smile on her face. I continue to visit since having my baby for adjustments for minor back pain due to everyday life and caring for two small Children. I highly recommend Dr. Cassie, the office, and her techniques.

-Margo C. of Frederick, MD