What are Flaxie Packs? A Q&A session with Flaxie herself!

That’s right, folks. I had the opportunity to sit down with “Flaxie” herself and ask her all the questions you’ve been asking me in my chiropractic office in Frederick, MD!

If you’ve ever been in my chiropractic office in Frederick, MD, chances are you’ve seen me carrying around a fun-colored sack of something that looks mysteriously comforting… especially if it’s cold inside the office.

That, my friends, is indeed a mysteriously comforting, warm sack… it’s called a Flaxie Pack, to be exact.

Now I could probably guess what you’re thinking… Oh I know what that is… it’s just one of those [stinky] microwaveable corn/rice/oatmeal packs…

WRONG. SO wrong. Flaxie Packs are so different than those other products. If you continue to my exclusive interview below, you will find out what makes them different, all of the uses for Flaxie Packs, and how you, too, can be a proud owner of this magical comfort sack! Enjoy!

So What ARE Flaxie Packs Anyway?


Flaxie Packs are 100% cotton comfort pillows that our family makes by hand and fills with pure, farm-fresh flaxseed. They are available in four sizes in 15 fabric choices, and can be microwaved for moist, penetrating heat, or chilled in the freezer for gentle, soothing cold relief. We also offer a special line of Flaxie Kiddos™ for the little ones.

How Do I Use a Flaxie Pack?


People are finding new uses every day! It’s so rewarding to get letters from people who tell us how they are using their Flaxie Packs, and how much relief they are getting from them. Basically, Flaxie Packs are used warm, cold or at room temperature to relieve symptoms, accelerate recovery or just soothe, support and comfort:

Cold from the freezer

A cold Flaxie Pack slows down the flow of blood the affected area, reducing the inflammation, swelling and pain from many acute injuries and conditions. Use a chilled Flaxie Pack straight from the freezer 24-48 hours after occurrence or onset to relieve:


+Sports-related sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises
+Discomfort from surgeries, broken bones and auto accidents
+Tendon and/or joint problems (TMJ, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, other types of shoulder pain, and various types of knee pain resulting from torn cartilage, hyper-extensions, arthritis or surgery)
+Sunburns, fevers and hot flashes
+Certain type of headaches, including migraine, sinus and cluster


Warm from the microwave

Apply a warm Flaxie Pack to relieve the lingering aches and pains of injuries and conditions after the acute phase has passed. The warmth opens up blood vessels in affected areas, increasing blood flow and allowing a greater supply of oxygenated nutrients to reach muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. A warm Flaxie Pack can soothe discomfort and relieve pain from:


+Circulatory disorders like Raynaud’s Syndrome+Arthritis, muscle spasms, back and neck strain+Sinus, migraine and tension headaches
+Lingering after-effects of discomfort from surgeries and accidents
+Post-acute tendon and/or joint problems such as TMJ, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, other types of shoulder pain, and various types of knee pain resulting from torn cartilage, hyper-extensions, arthritis or surgeries.

+Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
+Menstrual Cramps
+Postpartum discomfort and pain related to breastfeeding, including mastitis
+Chronic Cold Extremities

Why Flaxie Packs?  Why did you start making them?


Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s very true in this case. When we could no longer find a high quality product of this nature that was made in America, we knew we had to make our own.

How long have you been making Flaxie Packs?


My daughter started making a version of Flaxie Packs about 10 years ago when we could no longer find the type we had always purchased and enjoyed. She began making them for our personal use, and to give as gifts. She had also opened a therapeutic massage practice in Frederick, MD, and created some microwavable heating pads to offer to her clients. It didn’t take long for people who had either received them as gifts from us, or purchase them through Experience Massage Therapy, to begin asking if they could purchase more—and Flaxie Packs USA was born. The company formally launched on April 15, 2014 after approximately six months of making and testing prototypes, creating a business plan and an infrastructure.

What is one thing that people may not know about Flaxie Packs?


Not all microwavable heating pads are the same—not by a long shot. The vast majority of microwavable heating pads are filled with things like rice or corn because it’s cheap and readily available. As those water-based grains cook, their moisture evaporates—leaving a dry heat that is far less penetrating and therapeutic than the moist heat from oil-rich flax seed. Before too long, rice and corn packs smell like overcooked, rancid food. We have to ship in flax seed by the half-ton from North Dakota every month or so, because that’s the only place in the U.S. where flax is grown commercially. But it’s worth it.

How do you decide what fabric to use?


We’re learning! Blue is tremendously popular, in all its varying shades. Paler, neutral shades also do very well—especially grays, pale buttery yellows and soft, sage greens. Oranges, reds and purples have been less popular. This Father’s Day we are creating a Special Collection for men—I’m looking forward to seeing how those do!

If I have a sentimental piece of fabric- can you make a Flaxie Pack with it?


That depends. If the fabric is old or antique, I wouldn’t recommend it. And it must be durable enough to withstand the heat of the microwave—that rules out fleece and minky fabrics, even though they are soft. The rule of thumb is if you would iron it on high heat, it will work well. Cotton is best.

Do you make customized sizes?


We consider every customer request. We offer 4 standard sizes, but we are happy to give people a quote on making something just for them. Final price depends on amount of fabric, seed and labor involved.

What is your favorite size and use for Flaxie Packs?


I use two, rectangular Flaxie Packs Originals™ every night while reading or watching TV—one between my shoulder blades, and the other across my lower lumbar region. They just melt tension away, and they keep my basal body temperature a few degrees higher on these bitter cold winter nights.

Enough questions… where can I get my own Flaxie Pack???

You can place an order online on our website, or you can purchase in person at various local events. Such events are listed on our website at: www.flaxiepacks.com!

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