What Makes Us Different

Not all people are the same, so why would all chiropractors be the same?

Similar to any medical profession, each chiropractor and chiropractic office has a different style and set of skills/strengths. As medical professionals (chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors, physical therapists, etc.), we come with our own unique personalities, beliefs, values, attitudes, biases, and experiences. When you combine those attributes with the variation in clinical training and schooling each doctor has, you see that the possibilities to have unique doctors are endless. Each person is going to appreciate and look for different characteristics when searching for the “right“ doctor, and luckily there are many different choices out there! To help make your search for a chiropractor in Frederick easier, here are a few things that make Dr. Cassie and her office different.

Individualized Approach to Patient Care


Just as all chiropractors are different, we know all patients are different.  Why would we treat everyone the same exact way, when we know how different each person is?  WE WOULDN’T!  It would be crazy to do that!  It is important to recognize and consider the differences each person brings to the table: their expectations, goals, previous experiences and treatments, their overall health and vigor, biological and anatomical variations, among many other things. Each of these factors will change how someone will react to a certain care plan… which is why all of our care plans are different and flexible to accommodate for changes.  For example, if we have three patients coming to me with neck pain, one might respond best to a manual (hand adjustment), one might respond best to the Pro Adjuster (computerized adjusting), and the other one may get the best results with dry needling to the neck muscles.  We offer such a variety of treatments and therapies to accommodate each person’s individual needs.

We want to FIND THE CAUSE of the problem- not just treat the symptoms


Pain is your body’s way of telling your brain that “something isn’t right.”  Pain is a necessary feeling, and it helps keep us alive.
If you touch a hot stove with your hand:


  1. your hand registers the danger (heat),
  2. receptors in your hand send a warning to your brain: “something isn’t right! that’s very hot!”
  3. your brain sends a quick signal to your hand to “move away from heat!”


Sounds pretty simple, right?  Now that we’re on the same page- I have a question:  In that same stove scenario, with your hand on the burning stove, would you take a pill or a shot to numb the burning pain from the stove?  NOT IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO MOVE YOUR HAND AWAY!!  This is how I feel about back pain, neck pain. shoulder pain, hip pain, etc.  Why would we choose to temporarily cover up the pain, if we have a choice to correct the issue and get rid of the pain completely?

We will teach you to be your own healthcare advocate


We strongly believe in having you (the patient) participate in decisions regarding your healthcare.  As a patient, it is critical for you to advocate for yourself.  You’ve spent 24 hours a day for your entire life with yourself, and it is important that you know that your input is very valuable and actually critical to you receiving the best care possible.  If you have concerns or feedback, there is no way of he/she knowing that you’re unhappy unless you tell them (as doctors, we can’t always read minds ;) )!

Here is a conversation I (Dr. Cassie) often have in my office:


Patient: “Yeah I saw that other chiropractor for my neck pain a few times.  It didn’t work.  He was too rough and I don’t like neck adjustments.”


Me: “Did you tell your other chiropractor those things?”


Patient: “No, I just stopped going.  The pain got worse, and after a few months I decided to give you a try.”


At this point, if I haven’t already had the communication/advocate talk, I take the opportunity to do that now.


If you like having exercises to do at home, if you hate neck adjustments, if you love the Pro Adjuster, if you don’t like the roller beds, if you love the electric stimulation, if you want to try kinesiology taping, if you want nutritional guidance, if you just want to leave immediately after your adjustment…  TELL ME!  Most likely, I will say “you know, that’s a great idea!”  If I don’t think it is a good idea at that time (for safety or health reasons), we will discuss it, and I will explain why I don’t think it’s a good idea.  Ultimately, our relationship should be a healthcare partnership- with communication as the foundation.


You are the expert of YOU, and though I know a great deal about the human body and how to heal things, I will never know your body as well as you know it (provided you’re listening to what your body is telling you!).  Together, we will make a great team :)

We don’t want you in our office 3 times a week for the rest of your life, and we will teach you tools to help yourself


As much as we’ll enjoy seeing your smiling face in our office, we don’t want to see you in there every day for the rest of your life.  We want to see you out of pain and better fast.  Once you’re in our office, our goals are to:


1. Reduce Pain

Treatment frequency and times depend on many factors (goals, age, type of injury, type of treatment we’re doing, how long the condition has been going on, occupation/recreational activities, etc.), so it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take each person to heal.


2. Find What’s Causing Pain (dysfunction)

We do this through various movement screens (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), and discussion about biomechanics/posture/ergonomics/occupational and recreational activities.  Dr. Cassie has even observed some of her competitive athletes at the gym/during their competitive events to find out why certain exercises make their pain worse.


3. Correct the dysfunction and teach you the tools to prevent and self manage at home

Once we’ve figured out the cause of pain (which is often NOT in the area where the pain is), we will give you the tools to help correct the issue.  For example, many cases of knee pain come from a weakness and imbalance in the hips.  In this case, we will teach you to strengthen the weak muscles in the hips, and give you stretches/muscle releases for any tight muscles.


4. Prevention “check ups”

We’d like to see you every now and for a “check up” (also known as maintenance care) to prevent any impending issues and to make sure everything is still functioning properly.  We like to think of maintenance chiropractic care like teeth cleaning at the dentist, or an oil change for your car- you’re taking preventative measures to make sure your body is functioning optimally and you’re preventing larger more costly issues by doing so.  Just as teeth cleaning prevents expensive cavities and oil changes prevents engine damage, maintenance chiropractic care can prevent acute pain episodes (“throwing out” your back).

We provide a wide range of treatment options


Because we appreciate and recognize the differences and preferences of each patient, we like to have a wide variety of treatment options.  From the high tech class 4 laser and computerized adjusting, to the dry needling and traditional adjusting, our office has something that can help everyone. By following this link, you can find the list of Services We Offer.  If you have a specific treatment in mind and are wondering if we offer it, please give us a call (301) 620-1008, or send Dr. Cassie a message on FaceBook!  If we don’t offer something you’re looking for, we’d be happy to send you to one of the other well-respected professionals in Frederick!

We Value Research and Technology


Everyday, researchers and scientists in the healthcare field are finding out new things and making advances in technology that can have profound impacts on your health. It is critical that chiropractors (and other members of the healthcare field) stay on top of these advances, so as to provide you with the most effective, least invasive care possible.  Dr. Cassie’s respect and value for research most likely came from her…


Hospital Clinical Training


While at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the Nation’s premier medical institution, Dr. Cassie had the opportunity to learn from the greatest doctors and researchers in the United States.  This military hospital prides itself on staying at the forefront of medical research and offering outstanding patient care, and it had a great impact on how she practices chiropractic.  She got to see first hand the possibilities in patient care when all doctors and specialists work together for the sake of the patient.  When all doctors work together with no egos or hidden agendas, the end result most comprehensive, minimally invasive, and most effective care possible.

We don’t take x-rays (radiographs) on every first visit


Unlike some chiropractors, we think it’s unethical, unnecessary, and hazardous to take radiographs (“x-rays”) on every single patient on the first visit.  Some doctors use x-rays in place of a good history and exam, and some use them to scare patients into getting more treatment. Unless there are “red flags” (things that suggest serious underlying pathology), or acute trauma/injury (a fall, auto accident, direct blow to an area, etc), there isn’t much need for taking xrays and exposing patients to unnecessary radiation. As a chiropractor, if you do a good exam and take a good history, you should have a pretty good idea what is going on with the patient, making x-rays unnecessary.

We offer same day appointments, same day treatment (new patients), and we welcome walk-ins


We know how busy and hectic everyday life can be, so we strive to be as flexible and accommodating as we can so you can get the care you need.  We offer same day appointments and will treat you (as a new patient) on the first visit, so you don’t have to wait for the care you need.


Our friendly, welcoming, professional (and sometimes silly) staff


Have you ever called in to or visited a doctor’s office and had a less-than-positive experience in your interactions with the office staff?  It is our mission to NEVER have this happen to you.  Our staff is professional, friendly, sometimes silly, and unlike any other doctor’s office staff you’ve met before.   Come in and see for yourself!