Extremity Adjustments

An extremity adjustment is a controlled force directed at a joint in an extremity (leg, arm) that has lost a normal degree of motion.  We have joints all over our body (not just the spine!), and restrictions in these joints can cause decreased range of motion and diminished function.  From fingers and toes, to ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, some or all of these joints may need chiropractic adjustments.  You can even adjust the jaw and ears too!

If we think about how the spine works in terms of joint motion, the same concept can be applied to the joints of the extremities.  Just as decreased motion in one area of the spine can cause too much movement in the joints above and below, the same thing can happen in the arms and legs.  If someone isn’t getting enough motion in the ankle joint, then the muscles around the ankle, and the knee and hip joints may have to move more (to compensate) in order to perform tasks such as walking.